Latest News

  • EUCNC 2015

    An autonomic TE mechanism that addresses the problem of policy-based TE in core networks was designed and evaluated in the context of the AUTOFLOW experimentation framework. We validated the performance of this mechanism, using the framework that integrates ANM / SDN and performing experiments over the OpenFlow testbed of GÉANT. This study was submitted for publication to the European Conference on Networks and Communications, EuCNC 2015.

  • GÉANT CONNECT magazine

    A special issue of the CONNECT magazine, dedicated on results of the first GÉANT Open Call initiative, examined how these projects are driving innovation in several key areas. Therefore, this was a great opportunity for AUTOFLOW to present the concepts and innovation of its work to a wider public.

  • IEEE International Workshop on CAMAD

    The International Workshop on Computer-Aided Modeling Analysis and Design of Communication Links and Networks (CAMAD)  provides a forum for discussion of recent developments on analytical and simulation tools and techniques for the performance evaluation of communications systems. Moreover, CAMAD invites technical demonstrations showing innovative and original research.

    AUTOFLOW participated to CAMAD  and gave a demonstration showing how an operator can deploy new services or accommodate new traffic on top of its multi-vendor and multi-technology but SDN-enabled infrastructures.

  • Published Paper

    K. Tsagkaris, M. Logothetis, V. Foteinos, G.Poulios, M. Michaloliakos, P. Demestichas, "Integrating Autonomic Network Management and Software Defined Networking: Concepts, Experimentation Framework and Evaluation", submitted for publication to the IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine




  • WWRF/5G Huddle Workshop

    Participation in the WWRF/5G Huddle Workshop and the 33rd meeting of the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF). The events took place in London, UK and Guildford, UK respectively. During the WWRF event, a paper related to Autoflow was accepted and presented, 20-26 September, 2014



 Welcome to the website of the AUTOFLOW project. AUTOnomic OpenFLOW (AUTOFLOW) experimentation framework will assist in rendering the GÉANT OpenFlow facility an attracting environment for building, testing and validating autonomic, SDN solutions, thus increasing even more the impact of Testbed as a Service (TaaS) offered by GN3plus.