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The main rationale/ motivation of the project ENDECON (ENergy efficient DEsign of COmmunications Networks) is the fact that the need for communications account for an important and rapidly increasing share of global energy consumption. According to worldwide studies, the energy consumed in communication networks is already higher than that of all air transport services combined! Thus, it is widely recognized lately that the issue of energy consumption in all fields of communications should be very carefully considered. Even though networking and communication technologies are a key tool for controlling energy consumption across many industries and are already saving energy, bringing massive environmental benefits (e.g., through the use of telecommuting, video conferencing, electronic newspapers, etc), it is also well-acknowledged that these technologies will have to keep their own energy consumption growth under control. Figure 1 depicts the main motivation of the proposal.

Figure 1: Energy consumption in wireless networks


The current project aims to optimize the main operations performed in a communication network with respect to the energy consumed, without degrading the quality of the provided services. The proposed methodology can be characterized as a "holistic" one, as it treats the communications network as a cohesive entity. In this spirit, an extensive study of terrestrial wireless, satellite and optical networks will be pursued, not only at the physical layer (transceiver design, hardware), but also at higher network layers (e.g., protocols, routing algorithms). Concerning the higher layers of the network, algorithms and protocols for the planning and operation of networks will also be developed ensuring reduction of the energy consumption, both by treating the network devices as separate entities, as well as by considering the whole network as a single entity. A significant part of this research will also be devoted to cross-layer techniques that minimize energy consumption. A final aspect of the current project will be to study the relation and possible interactions between the communications network and the underlying energy production and distribution grid.

| Rationale-Concept | Objectives-Impact | Workplan |